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Salmon Fishing Techniques


Mooching is a hands-on technique that uses a banana weight with a cut herring.  Anglers will drop their line to the bottom of the ocean floor where Kings reside.  Once the bait hits the ocean floor, anglers reel up at a moderate rate.  Kings will hit the bait towards the bottom and Silvers are suspended at all levels. Mooching is a blast and is utilized best when fish are in large schools and/or concentrated in certain areas.   



Trolling off the coastal waters on Prince of Wales Island is very effective.  At SouthEast Alaska Adventures we use electric Scotty Downriggers. At the end of the fishing line, we attach a flasher with a hoochie, spoon, or herring.  Trolling is enjoyable, relaxing, and a productive technique for catching salmon when the fish are more spread out.  This technique gives SouthEast Alaska Adventures a larger advantage over other charter companies on P.O.W., in which may choose to only mooch.

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