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Salmon Fishing | Craig Alaska Prince of Wales Island

 Alaska King Salmon 

The “King” of salmon, also known as “Black Mouths,” or "Tyees", average 20 to 30-pounds, though it’s not uncommon to catch a 40, 50, or even 60-pounder.  For those who love and wish to catch Kings, the best time to come is the first week of June to the end of June.  Although Kings are still around until the end of August, their prime time is earlier in the season. 

Alaska Silver Salmon 

Coho salmon, better known as Silver salmon, are an exciting fish to catch, especially when we get a double, a triple, or when everyone on the boat hooks up at once!  Silver salmon usually start showing up in the first week of July and average 6 to 8-pounds.  By the time August rolls around, Silvers can weigh 8 to 15-pounds each. 


Alaska Pink Salmon 

Pink Salmon, also known as "humpies" engulf our coastal waters by the millions during mid July to the end of August.  Pink salmon are the smallest of all salmon averaging 3.5 to 5 pounds.  While their eating quality isn’t as good as other salmon, they are great smoked or canned.   

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Alaska Fishing Regulations 


In Alaska, a license is required to participate in sport fishing.   Licenses are available for residents, non-residents, members of the military, and residents who are Disabled Veterans or who are age 60 and over. We recommend you purchase your required license before arriving in Craig, Alaska.  Fishing licenses, as well as a king salmon stamp, can be purchased online.

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